Hanne Boel to appear at Mario Biondi concerts in spring.

Hanne Boel appeared at a couple of Mario Biondi concerts at Ronnie Scott's in London during the previous couple of weeks. The Italian press has been very generous in their reviews of Hanne, Mario Biondi and the orchestra. "La Stampa", for instance, describes the duet between Mario and Hanne, whom they name "the Danish queen", as a "little masterpiece". "Ansamed" are equally positive in their review, while praising both Hanne, Mario, the orchestra and the venue.
A little collection of photos from the concert can be seen in the gallery, and equally on Hanne Boel's official Facebook-page.

Despite joining Mario Biondi for a couple of his concerts, Hanne also had the time to work on new material together with acclaimed writer and musician, Peter-John Vettesse.

A few spring concerts in Italy with Mario Biondi's orchestra have even been arranged. On March 7, Hanne will appear at the tour start in Rome at Auditorium Parco Della Musica, and in Milano the 4th of April at Teatro deli Arcimboli.

The before-mentioned reviews from the concerts in London can be found on the following links:

La Stampa